Destiny to Thrive

You Can Do It!Thriving, it goes beyond succeeding. It is our destiny to thrive, to have a lot of money, to be healthy, have a fit body, and loving relationships. Thriving is also a spiritual experience. Those who are thriving are the ones who know who they are and why they are here. They just seem to know what their purpose is and take action towards it.


Thriving is tapping into and having a trusting relationship with you Higher Self, Spirit and the Universe. Within each of us is the natural tendency and the capacity to live a whole, fulfilled life, which means to be fully awake and aware.


It is our destiny to thrive in all areas, on all levels of our lives. If one only thrives on the physical level there is a hole in their life. They feel something in missing and they are not happy, but they don’t know why they are unhappy.


When one is not whole with their inner development as a human being or they are incomplete with their development of their mind. They fall to the mercy of circumstances. They haven’t realized yet that they can control their life through their thinking. They are responsible for each of their experience. Every thought they are thinking is creating their future, even if you are aware of it or not.


They keep searching outside themselves for this connection. The connection they seek is within themselves in the spiritual aspect of themselves. When they tap into the essences of who they really are, now they feel whole and complete. They are aware and awake. They have come full circle. They know who they are and what their purpose is. They are happy and are thriving in their life with happiness and joy. What do you need to do today to tap into your inner joy and happiness? Maybe it is being out in nature, going for a walk with a friend or it could be as simple as taking a nap because you are tired. Take a little time for yourself and you too can be happy thriving.