Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality

© vectorolieThere are many roads in life and different paths you may take to create your life. These roads are like different movies playing in your life. Is your life playing the way you want it to? Is your life full of joy and happiness or is it full of struggle and sorrow? Did you know your thoughts are creating or blocking you from having the life you want? Once you realize that, you can change your thoughts. Awareness is the first key.


Life Is A Series OF Movies
Think of your life like several movies playing all at once. There is the beautiful movie that inspires you and it is peaceful. When you are done watching the film you are empowered and you feel good about life. Another type of movie is the mediocre, ordinary, tolerable low budget “B” rated film. Then, there’s the comedy, where the charters are getting into and out of one jam after another as you laugh at all the errors they make in their life. Last, but not least there is the movie filled of tragedies. It is full of heavy heartache and every kind of drama or problem imaginable.

What type of movie is your life playing right now? Are you ready to change the film? Which movie do you want to play and experience? Your life, like the movie is chosen by the thoughts that you are thinking and you decide what you want to think.

Life is a series of adventures and it is your reaction to what’s going on around you that makes it easy or hard. One way to look at a challenging time is as a lesson or a learning experience. This lesson is here to stretch you and help you grow.

When you think of the challenging time as a lesson then the path is easier as you know you will get through it. You now have possibility thinking, instead of thinking I can’t do this. Now you are thinking about ways you can get through it or do it. What movie are you playing right now? What movie do you want to play in the future? The choice is yours. Practice focusing on a positive outcome and your movie will change.