3 Secrets To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality

ID-100161320 By Witthaya Phonsawat1 What do you really want? People everywhere are searching for something, but the problem is that they have no idea what they really want or how to go about getting it. Does that seem familiar to you? All they know is that they are not happy and want something better.

Did you know that your thoughts are creating your reality, which is creating your future? It is time to reprogram yourself, like a computer. You might need a new updated hard drive. One that has an input of positive, empowering thoughts, words and phrases that you say to yourself. When you change your input, yourself talk, your thoughts and words, your life will change. So, I ask again, “What do you really want?”

You can have everything you want. Notice I said everything instead of anything. If you take the word anything it means any one thing. When you use the word anything you put limits on yourself. It means this or that, but not both.

Everything is open, whole, all of it, without limits. There are no limits with everything. You can have it all. It is about stretching yourself, your dreams and thinking bigger.

By learning these three secrets you can turn your dream into a reality. Here is how to turn your dream into a reality with these three steps.

The first step is to decide what you want. Sometimes by knowing what you do not want makes it easier to find out what you really do want. Make a list of everything that you don’t want. Once you are done write everything that you do not want, get a new piece of paper and flip the negative list into the positive by thinking what do I want. Then, write down everything that you do want.

The second step is to pick one thing off your list and make a decision to do it. By making a decision you are now making a commitment. This is a powerful step and sometimes the hardest. For some people it is very hard to make a decision, but this is a very important part, because without a decision and a commitment nothing will happen in your life. It will remain a wish. The decision is the reason why you are doing what you are doing. The commitment means that you are willing to do what it takes to accomplish your dream.

The third step is to have a Big Why. You’re big why gets you excited. It is the reason why you are doing this. This big why will carry you forward in the days ahead when you wondered, why you chose what you did. It also connects you to your passion.

With these three secrets you will be able to make a decision and go after what you want with commitment and passion. By learning these three secrets you can turn your dream into a reality.