In Chaotic Times, Change Is Calling You

A Butterfly Changes and Transform with EaseLife at times is chaotic, full of doubts and feelings of confusion. In this chaotic times, life challenges you to change. Usually it is time for an internal shift in the way we think that creates an external change that is seen in your life.

When you are going through this transformation you feel as if you are being bounced between two worlds of confusion and clarity, success and failure, pain and pleasure. If you relax into the change you will be guide towards the easy path, but if you resist the change you will grow through difficulties and challenges instead of ease.

Change is happening all the time, but sometimes we are not aware of it. The reason why is because we do it every day.

The sun comes up, we wake up for a new day. We go about our day doing the same things, shower, eat and go to work. The sun goes down, we wind down to close out that day and rest during the night when the moon is up. It seems on the outside we are doing the same thing, but our thoughts or feeling are different each and every day. If we stop to think or feel what we are telling ourselves our day will change by our attitude.

The seasons change and transform every three months, so that the plants can rest, grow in spring, bloom in summer, let go of their leaves and dead flowers in the fall and rest again in winter. They don’t fight the change. The just do it, because it is their path. It is their job to change. In the middle of winter there are huge storms and high winds. The tall pine trees bend and flow with the strong winds. They are flexible. We could learn a lot from watching the trees in a storm.

When we go through a major change, a transformation in our life, our whole world changes. We become a different person, as our outer world changes. We can go through this change with ease or dragging our feet. In the beginning of change I think most people drag their feet, procrastinate and fight it, because no one likes major change. I know I do. Change disrupts our life. We have to think and feel in a new way. Something has to change in our outer life, a new job, divorce, death, birth or moving. With this new outer change the inner self is being stretched to grow and evolve.

One way to look at this expansion is with a new mindset. One could say, “I’m open to being stretched so that I can grow into a new being.” Or you could say, “All my experiences happen for my best and highest good.” It will help you go through the change a lot easier. Remember the pine tree bends and is flexible in the strong wind. Why not be like a pine tree and bend to the change and be flexible in the middle of the transformation. You will go through it a lot easier.