Jolen Philbrook‘s Book-Signing “From Tears to Triumph”

Inspirational, Transformational, and EmpoweringJolen Philbrook‘s Book-Signing “From Tears to Triumph”
At Railroad Books, Pittsburg, CA on July 11, 2015

SUMMARY: From Tears to Triumph, a heartwarming book by Jolen Philbrook, will be featured at a book-signing on Saturday July 11, 2015. Based on her own life experiences, it takes each and every reader on an adventure down The Yellow Brick Road of Life! It is truly the hero’s journey.

BODY: From Tears to Triumph is truly inspiring, empowering and transformational new book by Jolen Philbrook, and she will be signing copies of her book at Railroad Books this Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Railroad Books is located at 650 Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg, California. The public is invited to come to buy a copy of Jolen’s book and have it autographed by the author, as well as mingle with other book lovers and enjoy some light snacks.

From Tears to Triumph is about healing the inner wounds that one carries deep within one’s heart. Discover how to tune into one’s inner wisdom while journeying back to happiness after any major life challenge and reclaim one’s personal freedom. It is a book is about inspiring and giving people hope, so that they can transform themselves and love life again. It is time to claim the life every person was meant to live with ease, contentment, laughter and happiness.

From Tears to Triumph makes the perfect gift to a loved one who is going through a difficult time. There are techniques and step-by-step formulas to help them shift their life and free themselves from the old hurts, worries, fears and doubts. Even if they have gone through a divorce, breast cancer, debt, a major loss or any life challenge, then From Tears to Triumph will help them put their life back together.
A great deal of information within this book came as Jolen went through her own life-altering health experience while going through a custody suit, fighting for her son and having no income. Through this life-altering transformation, she discovered her ability to tap into the energy of the Universe, and her soul’s wisdom.

Jolen will guide readers on as they go on a journey down The Yellow Brick Road breaking through things that keep them stuck and unhappy in life. Readers will be moving towards finding their inner strength, freedom and happiness. Let the quest for passion, a deeper purpose and meaning to life begin! Jolen says, “May this book open your heart, inspire your mind, and give you courage as you journey through life.”

Again, come enjoy the book-signing at Railroad Books in Pittsburg this Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. For more information about From Tears to Triumph, please visit or contact Jolen Philbrook at (530) 263-7549.