Stuck in the Middle?

©Stuart MilesHave you ever felt like everything you tried didn’t work out? Maybe you are stuck in the in-between time.

Take a deep breathe. You are just about to take a quantum leap into a new phase of life.

Here is the secret about quantum leaps. They demand that we make mistakes. One can’t hide in the safe zone, where you have beaten the odds of failing.

One has to be willing to try something new, make a few mistakes and fall down, only to get up again. It’s about testing the limits to see what you are really able to create.

If you are experiencing difficulties, pain or problems in your life, chances are you have set the bar to low. What do I mean by that? It means that you have leveled off in your growth. You stopped stretching yourself.

When you are in the in-between time everything looks like a struggle or a failure when you are in the middle. Don’t give up because it looks like a failure. Don’t give up because it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. Don’t give up if you failed in something. The story isn’t over. You are just in the middle. It could be a dark chapter, but it isn’t the whole book. Don’t give up now!

Look at what you have learned along the way. It is the mess in the middle that advances you towards your dream. Believe you can do it. And, one day you will realize that you did do it.