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Jolen is gifted at helping you release your emotional pain and hurts in your heart. She is known for being an innovator and pioneer.

Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract more happiness into their lives by clear their limiting beliefs, finding their dream, self acceptance and building a “Happiness consciousness” to live a vibrant life.

Jolen’s warm and reassuring style helps you feel secure as she guides you to achieve freedom, strength, and success in your life. She believes each person has the power and answers within themselves as she guides you to finding them.

Jolen loves to inspire and empower you, as you make the necessary changes in your life. She makes you feel relaxed with her easy going nature. She is compassionate, uplifting, and supportive.

Jolen Philbrook is a highly sought after Consultant,  Speaker & number 1 best-selling co-author of the ‘Gratitude Book Project, Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude.’ She also has written ‘Reflections; Angelic Insights, Quotes & Action Steps.’

Jolen is a graduate of The California Institute of The Healing Arts and Science. She has completed her advance training for spiritual awareness with the Church of Essence.

Jolen is the founding member of The Lighter Signature System. She has been studying the spirit, mind, body connection since 1980. Jolen holds a Behavioral Therapist degree and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy along with being a Certified Life Coach. She teaches workshops and seminars to help fulfill her mission to assist others as they heal themselves from emotional and physical challenges.

Her clients say, “She is a gentle speaker who is easy to listen to. She packs amazing amount of information into her presentations. ”

“Jolen teaches the simplicity of ideas that bring about a release of complex issues, which, leads to greater understanding with ease and joy.”

Jolen has one son, one dog and one cat. She loves Mexican food, acrylic painting, gardening, getting together with friends and family and just having fun.







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