Stepping Stones On Your Journey

FreeDigitalPhotos.netLife is a series of adventures! It is your reaction to what’s going on around you that makes it easy or hard. If you look at everything as a lesson to help you grow and further your progress then the path is easier, as you know you will get through it. You now have possibility thinking, instead of thinking I can’t do this. Now, you are thinking about ways you can do it.

Here is a new way to look at hardship and struggle. If you looked at every hard time you had as a stepping stone to better your life. This thought process prepares you for the next step, the next adventure. Life is a series of adventures! It is your reaction to what’s going on around you that makes it easy or hard. Within the hard time, there is always something that we need to know. Through the challenge, it somehow makes us becomes a better person.
If you look at everything as a lesson to help you grow and further your progress then the path is easier, as you know you will get through it. When you are going through these hard times talk to yourself with encouragement, and supportive words, not put downs. Be kind to yourself.
Look at it as, a time of development, not hard times. Don’t give up on yourself, because then you will then stay the same. You will be stuck, not learning or growing into the person you were meant to be. Know that you have what it takes and that you can do it! Be patient with yourself and realize that you need time to develop into the great person you were meant to be. You now have possibility thinking. Now, you are thinking about ways you can support yourself, which make your progress easier. What kind things can you say about yourself today?

Are You Stuck Somewhere In Your Life?

© jscreationzsMy desire is to inspire you to ‘do what you need to do’, in order to ‘be who you want to be’. If you ever need to stretch yourself, I highly recommend trying something brand new and out of your comfort zone!

You could pick something like running a half marathon. This will help to move you forward and bring up all the beliefs you have hiding about yourself. Some of those beliefs might be, “It’s hard, I don’t like running, I don’t know if I can do this.”

When these beliefs surface realize it’s just a part of you that can never do or be enough that’s getting triggered. When those beliefs get triggered go back to focusing on what matters the most to you. How you do that is by asking yourself a few questions…
What do I want? Be crystal clear about what you want?

Why do I want it? Get really clear about why you want it?

What strategy will I use? Am I clear about the strategy to get my desire?

Am I creating from the future version? As if it is already done. If not, imagine what it will be like having it, being it or doing it.

Do you have the courage to do what needs to be done to create your desire?

Answer those questions and see what comes up for you. When you can answer the questions above you will quickly get back on the right track. Are you stuck? If you can’t answer those questions, ask for help. If you need help, I’m a phone call away. You can schedule a complimentary breakthrough session with me by emailing me at

Words Influence Us More Than We Think

©Stuart have special meaning and power. Words cannot change reality, but they can change how you perceive reality. Words create a filter through which you view the world around you. A single word can make the difference between liking a person or disliking a person, feeling happy or sad about the situation and even being angry or loving towards another person.

Take the word Disappointment, according to
The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

If you look at the word disappointment and break it into parts Dis/appoint/ment
Disappointment is dissatisfaction of your actions or disappointment in one’s self because you missed an appointment.

Disappointment is a strong emotion that is felt when an expectation isn’t met. You felt bad that you ran late or missed your appointment.

Now if we take the center word appoint and divide it. You have A/point. A point is a tapered tool or an idea that comes to an end. A /point is to direct someone’s attention. A/point is a new way to think. A/point is being focused. Stay on point until the task is done.

When we look at the word disappointment is takes the power out of us and makes us feel regret, sadness, sorrow, let down, and displeased.

What if we turned the word around to empower us?

A/ point = what is it that you wanted? There was something you wanted to do or have.
Appoint = you had an idea or wanted to direct someone’s attention to something that was important. You wanted something that was important to you and it may not have happened.

Disappointment= you let yourself down, an expectation wasn’t met, but if we stay on A/point, focused with a new way to think then we are empowered. The reason why is because we are now focused on the center part of the word A/point. Now it’s A/point to succeed.

We changed the word and our thinking to empower us. Our feelings may have been hurt, but now that we have a new focused direction we are excited to move forward. My question to you is what are you going to do to stay on A/point towards your desires?

What Do Courage, Faith and Trust Have In Common?

How brave are you? Courage is an attitude. It is movement, doing something, some type of action towards your desire even through you may not feel like it. Courage is having faith that things will work out for you.
Faith is knowing that something or someone will come forth to help you in your time of need. Faith is trusting the Angels to assist you with your wish. Trust is knowing that you are being helped and allowing things to flow the way they do. Trust is taking your control off the outcome. How it turns out will be different than you expect. Sometimes it looks as if it is a challenge.
Courage, faith and trust all work together. Without one the others can’t work. It like having a three legged stool and one of the legs are missing. The stool can’t stand on its own without falling over. It needs the missing leg to be strong. It takes courage to do what you fear. It takes faith to believe it will work out for your best and highest good. It takes trust that you are being Divinely guided.
Today as you go about your day. Tap into the energy of courage, which is ‘doing it’ in spite of how you feel. See how many times it touches your life. Then, see the faith that you have as you are using the energy of courage. Lastly trust it is all working out. There are things going on that are out of your control. Charge ahead with courage, have faith and trust the Angels are holding your hand along the way. I know that you can do!



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Faith Opens The Door For Miracles To Happen

What miracle are you looking for?Faith is possibilities taking form.
The universe is on our side. It is constantly working on our behalf. There is an unseen force working for the good of all, but we are just not aware of these unfolding unseen forces. We forget that it is there and we try to do it on our own.
We try to direct, force and control this unseen force, but we only interfere with it. One has to have faith and trust that the unseen force is on our side. Trust in the unseen force that moves the Universe and have faith it knows what it is doing.
When we relax our willingness allows it to work on our behalf. Faith is the force of things hoped for that works through the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the trust we function on. It is an idea of possibilities taking form. It is the power to create.
When one has faith and focuses on a positive outcome. The situation changes, but one must hold the truth top of mind, for example: the custody suit I was in was stuck. I was done fighting and I wanted the whole thing to be finished. I switched my thinking around by focusing on a positive outcome instead of all the fighting and having faith everything would turn out okay.
Believing what is beyond, what is visible ~Michael Beckworth
Faith is to believe in, what you don’t see. One of the most important things to have in life is the deep feeling of faith. One may have faith in the fact that life is here to support you and that the universe works in order and perfection, even if you can’t seem to see it or understand it.
Real faith is believing that no matter whatever is happening right now, it is always for your best and highest good, even if you disagree with it. For in the unseen there is a gift or lesson that you just haven’t understood yet.  Faith opens the door for miracles to happen. Faith is allowing it to unfold.







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The Hero’s Journey Down The Yellow Brick Road

Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream.
Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream.

Have you ever felt like Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz?

You are on a hero’s journey trying to get to the Emerald city, but somewhere you got lost. You got stuck on a loop of negative thinking, worry and doubt. You don’t feel happy anymore. There is no passion for what you do and who knows where the courage went. Have you felt this way?

Dorothy went on a self discovery expedition that was filled with lessons, but on her journey down the Yellow Brick Road she gained courage, confidence and a sense of joy she had never experience before. It wasn’t until she gets home that she realizes that she had the Power Within herself to create anything she sets her mind to. Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream and create anything you want. What is it that you want to accomplish?

The Yellow Brick Road is a quest to find your authentic self, face your worst enemy-fear, worry doubt and to attain courage to live a happier life. Often we feel small weak and simply not up to the challenge. We don’t know if there is even any strength to pull us through. Our problems seem to engulf us, stop us and even destroy us if we let it.

We are looking outside ourselves and forget the answers are within. You are stronger than you think. There is a strength and courage within you that has always been there. Click your heels together. It is time to dig out your courage and use it. First, just by being still and getting clear on what you really want you pull on this inner strength. Second, once you are clear, then you can re-frame your negative thinking to focus positively with your desires. Once the shift happens you feel the joy, love and happiness in your heart again. You get to the other side wiser and stronger from the experience. Have faith that you can do it.  

5 Steps To Becoming Lighter Within

       Feeling lighter
Feeling lighter

As we go through life we endure all kinds of hurt, pains and hardships. This creates energetic baggage through the way we think and feel about ourselves and life. This energetic baggage gets stored within our subconscious mind and our bodies cells. These stored thoughts and feelings then create our actions.Do you want to lose some energetic weight to become lighter?  Here is a way to release some of the old emotional baggage that you carry around with you.   

In these 5 steps learn how to let go of your emotional baggage to become lighter within.

First, Lay A New Foundation

The old one just isn’t working anymore, because you have out grown it or it is an old habit that no longer serves you. Creating a new foundation is about clearing the old way of thinking, self talk and how you relate to yourself. The quality of your relationship with others is a reflection of how you think and feel about yourself. Become an energetically lighter person by shifting your thinking and actions.

Action Step:

Decide first what area you want to change. Is it the way to talk to yourself? Do you criticize or put yourself down all the time? Or is it the way you think about yourself? This tears down your self-confidences. Choose one, how you talk to self or think about self.   

Second, Create A New Pattern

You create a new pattern by shifting the way you are talking or thinking about yourself. Understand that your old way of talking and thinking got you to where you are, but today is a new day. You can change it. It is time to create a way to talk back to those old habits.

Action Step:

Observe yourself. What do you say to yourself out loud? Is it supporting you or tearing you down? What are you saying to yourself in your head? Did you know there are only a handful of saying that get repeated all day long. Pay attention to what you continually repeat. Here are a few examples, “I can’t, it’s too hard, I’ll try, there isn’t enough blah, blah, blah, I’m stupid and the list goes on, but you get the idea.

Third, Create New Actions

You may not understand why there were the difficult times in your life, but you can educate yourself and learn new tools to help yourself move away from those hurtful times. One way to move away from the old habit of speaking or thinking a certain way is to reframe it.

Action Step:

Reframe what you think or say to yourself. If you observed that your favorite phase is, “It’s too hard” then just reframe it. Here is an example of a reframe for “It’s too hard.”

Reframe: “It is getting easier and easier every day.” Or “I’m getting better and better every day.” What is your favorite phase and what will your new reframe be?

Forth, Keep Practicing

Keep practicing and being consistent. The key is consistence. Just like a seed you plant in the ground. It grows little by little. If you look at it each and every day you don’t notice the growth, but if you were gone for a week and came back you would notice the growth. The same is true when you are retraining yourself to talk, think and act differently.

Action Step:

After you have observed yourself and found your favorite old habit. Practice daily catching yourself saying or thinking the old phase. Make a game out of it. Count how many times you catch yourself. Use tally marks, because it is easier to count.  Once you catch the old phase remember to reframe it. Then notice in a few days how the number goes down. Be sure to tell yourself, “Wow, I did better today than yesterday!” Pretty soon the old habit will be out of your life for good.

Fifth, Have Fun

The idea is to have fun while you are learning the new way. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get it right in a day. Remember you didn’t create this habit in one day.  It took months or even years in some cases. Give yourself the gift of releasing the judgment or criticism and just be okay with learning something new.

Action Step:

Laugh at yourself. Say, “Gosh, I did it again” instead of beating yourself up. Then remember to reframe it. One learns faster with laughter than with criticism.

Practice these 5 steps to become energetically lighter within. As you let go of the old ways you will find that lost joy and happiness that you buried long ago will resurface. The twinkle will be back into your eyes, a smile on your face and laughter in your heart.

Enjoy and post your comments and questions below.

By Jolen Philbrook


Do You Have Too Many Ideas?

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Which one do I choose?

When you are an entrepreneur you have tons of ideas, but what do you do with all those great ideas?

Let’s say you just discover an “aha” moment in your life or business you are all excited about your new idea.

You are inspired and want to take action on your new idea right away. This one step may help you decide if you should take action on your idea or not.

The 1st thing to do is to stop and take a moment to see how you feel about your idea. Then ask yourself, “Is it something that you want to do? Is it in alignment with what you already so in your business?”  

For example, when I downloaded on the idea that the Scare crow in my signature system was about sales and the Tin man was about marketing I went into overwhelm. Oh my gosh! I thought I had to learn sales and marketing as my niche and teach people.

I took the rest of the day off as that thought threw me into overwhelm. Then it came to me that I don’t have to teach sales and marketing. That is not my expertise. I know the inner game, the mindset, the blocks that are keeping people from making the sale or the fear of marketing their product.

Once I got clear on what I do I could move forward with the project. Sometimes you have to step back to see the whole picture and think about your idea. Next time you get a great idea ask yourself a few question to see if it is a good idea. If you have a great question you ask yourself, please share it in the comment section.

By Jolen Philbrook