Are You Honoring Yourself?

Thanks for image from http://www.freedigitalphotos.netIt is time to start honoring yourself for who you are instead of putting yourself down. It’s time to let go of your “mental meanie” and old habits that no longer serve you.

Release your fears, doubts and feeling of unworthiness. It’s time to find your true self, your gifts and your passion in life. When you are clear on who you are and let that joy shine through to others, then, you are making a difference in other people’s lives around you.

Just for today, choose to honor yourself and see yourself as a wonderful person who is kind, worthy, loving and good enough. You are an incredible person who touches a lot of lives, even if you don’t know how you touch others. It is like the ripple effect. When you smile at someone in the grocery store, you made them feel special. They in turn smile at someone else at the gas station and the smile travels along to other people. Who knows? Maybe that smile traveled to someone on the other side of the world!

Choose to honor yourself on a deeper level. Start validating yourself. Don’t look for love, worthiness or approval from other people. One must feel the self-love first before it can go out into the world and come back to you. The worthiness you seek comes from within you and then it goes out into the world.
The more self-love and honor you have, the less you will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection and self-rejection comes from the image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to it.

Self-love and honoring one’s self is about being kind to yourself, resting when you are tired, eating when you are hungry, and thinking kind thoughts about yourself. Remember: You are a wonderful person who is kind, worthy, loving and good enough. Just for today, why not honor the person who you are. What can you do to honor yourself today?





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Stuck in the Middle?

©Stuart MilesHave you ever felt like everything you tried didn’t work out? Maybe you are stuck in the in-between time.

Take a deep breathe. You are just about to take a quantum leap into a new phase of life.

Here is the secret about quantum leaps. They demand that we make mistakes. One can’t hide in the safe zone, where you have beaten the odds of failing.

One has to be willing to try something new, make a few mistakes and fall down, only to get up again. It’s about testing the limits to see what you are really able to create.

If you are experiencing difficulties, pain or problems in your life, chances are you have set the bar to low. What do I mean by that? It means that you have leveled off in your growth. You stopped stretching yourself.

When you are in the in-between time everything looks like a struggle or a failure when you are in the middle. Don’t give up because it looks like a failure. Don’t give up because it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. Don’t give up if you failed in something. The story isn’t over. You are just in the middle. It could be a dark chapter, but it isn’t the whole book. Don’t give up now!

Look at what you have learned along the way. It is the mess in the middle that advances you towards your dream. Believe you can do it. And, one day you will realize that you did do it.

In Chaotic Times, Change Is Calling You

A Butterfly Changes and Transform with EaseLife at times is chaotic, full of doubts and feelings of confusion. In this chaotic times, life challenges you to change. Usually it is time for an internal shift in the way we think that creates an external change that is seen in your life.

When you are going through this transformation you feel as if you are being bounced between two worlds of confusion and clarity, success and failure, pain and pleasure. If you relax into the change you will be guide towards the easy path, but if you resist the change you will grow through difficulties and challenges instead of ease.

Change is happening all the time, but sometimes we are not aware of it. The reason why is because we do it every day.

The sun comes up, we wake up for a new day. We go about our day doing the same things, shower, eat and go to work. The sun goes down, we wind down to close out that day and rest during the night when the moon is up. It seems on the outside we are doing the same thing, but our thoughts or feeling are different each and every day. If we stop to think or feel what we are telling ourselves our day will change by our attitude.

The seasons change and transform every three months, so that the plants can rest, grow in spring, bloom in summer, let go of their leaves and dead flowers in the fall and rest again in winter. They don’t fight the change. The just do it, because it is their path. It is their job to change. In the middle of winter there are huge storms and high winds. The tall pine trees bend and flow with the strong winds. They are flexible. We could learn a lot from watching the trees in a storm.

When we go through a major change, a transformation in our life, our whole world changes. We become a different person, as our outer world changes. We can go through this change with ease or dragging our feet. In the beginning of change I think most people drag their feet, procrastinate and fight it, because no one likes major change. I know I do. Change disrupts our life. We have to think and feel in a new way. Something has to change in our outer life, a new job, divorce, death, birth or moving. With this new outer change the inner self is being stretched to grow and evolve.

One way to look at this expansion is with a new mindset. One could say, “I’m open to being stretched so that I can grow into a new being.” Or you could say, “All my experiences happen for my best and highest good.” It will help you go through the change a lot easier. Remember the pine tree bends and is flexible in the strong wind. Why not be like a pine tree and bend to the change and be flexible in the middle of the transformation. You will go through it a lot easier.

Jolen Philbrook‘s Book-Signing “From Tears to Triumph”

Inspirational, Transformational, and EmpoweringJolen Philbrook‘s Book-Signing “From Tears to Triumph”
At Railroad Books, Pittsburg, CA on July 11, 2015

SUMMARY: From Tears to Triumph, a heartwarming book by Jolen Philbrook, will be featured at a book-signing on Saturday July 11, 2015. Based on her own life experiences, it takes each and every reader on an adventure down The Yellow Brick Road of Life! It is truly the hero’s journey.

BODY: From Tears to Triumph is truly inspiring, empowering and transformational new book by Jolen Philbrook, and she will be signing copies of her book at Railroad Books this Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Railroad Books is located at 650 Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg, California. The public is invited to come to buy a copy of Jolen’s book and have it autographed by the author, as well as mingle with other book lovers and enjoy some light snacks.

From Tears to Triumph is about healing the inner wounds that one carries deep within one’s heart. Discover how to tune into one’s inner wisdom while journeying back to happiness after any major life challenge and reclaim one’s personal freedom. It is a book is about inspiring and giving people hope, so that they can transform themselves and love life again. It is time to claim the life every person was meant to live with ease, contentment, laughter and happiness.

From Tears to Triumph makes the perfect gift to a loved one who is going through a difficult time. There are techniques and step-by-step formulas to help them shift their life and free themselves from the old hurts, worries, fears and doubts. Even if they have gone through a divorce, breast cancer, debt, a major loss or any life challenge, then From Tears to Triumph will help them put their life back together.
A great deal of information within this book came as Jolen went through her own life-altering health experience while going through a custody suit, fighting for her son and having no income. Through this life-altering transformation, she discovered her ability to tap into the energy of the Universe, and her soul’s wisdom.

Jolen will guide readers on as they go on a journey down The Yellow Brick Road breaking through things that keep them stuck and unhappy in life. Readers will be moving towards finding their inner strength, freedom and happiness. Let the quest for passion, a deeper purpose and meaning to life begin! Jolen says, “May this book open your heart, inspire your mind, and give you courage as you journey through life.”

Again, come enjoy the book-signing at Railroad Books in Pittsburg this Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. For more information about From Tears to Triumph, please visit or contact Jolen Philbrook at (530) 263-7549.

90 Days to Health Challenge

Join Me! 90 Days to Health Challenge
Join me on this 90 Day Health Challenge!

Today I am inviting you to join me in a 90 Day Health Challenge, staring on July 6th.

What you will receive during the 90 day to health challenge is inspiration to keep you going. Tips and tricks on a varied of subjects. Mindfulness exercises to shift your mindset plus motivate when you feel like throwing in the towel. Join me on Invite your friends and let’s do it together!

How did this get started?

Awhile back my a group of friends and I were talking about how we need to get in shape, build our endurance and feel good about ourselves. Then another friend said the same things. Guess what! I listened and took them up on it and thus this health challenge was born. Besides I want some friends to play with.

A couple weeks ago I did 21 Days to Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness and a woman who did the program told me half way through it she received $5,000 dollars. She said the manifesting part of it was a great, so I know you will have a breakthrough this too with 90 Days to Health Challenge

It’s pretty simple. For the next 90 days pick one thing to improve in the area of health.

What do you want to accomplish over the next 90 days with your health? Do you want more energy and endurance? Drop some weight, delete a certain food, constant exercise by setting up a time each day to move your body? Whatever it is that you want start the 90 Day to Health Challenge by writing down your goal. Make it believable and yet, make it a stretch.

For me I am deleting sugar. That means so candy, cookies cakes, but in the beginning I’ll wean myself by eating fruit. When I eat sugar I noticed I get fuzzy brain, lack of energy and flour makes me cough.

The reason why I want to do this is to build my endurance. I know when you make a change in one area of your life the rest of the areas follow suit. When you feel better about yourself other areas change. You do better in your business and your relationships improve.

If you’re up for the adventure join me and like Invite your friends and let’s do it together! It’s free so like the page and join the fun.


Creating on Purpose

“You must build a new pattern or mental equivalent for the things you want,

and they will come into your life.”     Emmet Fox


 If you look closely you will see a heart growing in the tree trunk.Does your heart call you towards something bigger? Do you feel that there is a dream or message within your heart that wants to emerge, but you don’t know how to connect to it and bring it out into reality? I wonder if you hear your Higher Self’s calling you towards helping others or to make the world a better place for all of us.

Many of us have tons of ideas floating around in our head. We are suffering from too many creative thoughts. This throws you into confusion and you end up spinning your wheels going from one project to another. The sad part is nothing ever gets finished. It is hard to stay focused and narrow down all your great ideas into one project.


On the other hand, when you get stuck on a project that’s when you give it up. Then the negative inner voices of doubt and fear start to surface. Now you are in overwhelm because you don’t know what to do next. For many this stops them in their tracks and they start another project. Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, now you can drop the frustration! You can find yourself living the life of your dreams when you create your life on purpose with inspiration. It is time for you to step into who you really are which is an agent of change, an intuitive lightworker, and great healer.

You are a magnificent Divine being who has a purpose and gifts to share with the world. There is an urgent call for you at this time to step up. Play a bigger game and take responsibility for being the change you want to see in the world. You are being asked to awaken your Divine Self. Never has there been a time in history where all of humanity was raising their consciousness at one time. The hidden spiritual traditions are now being known to all. It is time to claim your nature gifts, strength and inner power.

It is time to let go of your passive childhood and take a stand as an adult who is empowered. Let go of the old beliefs that the company or government will take care of you. I recently uncovered a belief that I needed a man to take care of me. This was installed from my dad and the Disney movies. Marry prince charming and live happily ever after. What belief are you carrying around that no longer serves you?

One way to uncover an old belief is to write a sentence about what it is that you want. After you write the sentence add the word and then finish the sentence. Everything after the ‘and’ is your excuse, a belief or a limitation. Keep writing until you feel that you got all the old junk out.

The last is to write your sentence again and this time add a new conscious phase about what you want.
For example: I am prosperous and I don’t have enough money. I am prosperous and I am afraid that people will take my money from me. I am prosperous and I have to work hard for my money. You keep doing this until you feel like you’ve ran out of thoughts.

Then you go to the next phase. I am prosperous and I can support myself. I am prosperous and I can be wealthy. I am prosperous and I can be in my power. That’s it. Find some time today to do this little exercise. I bet you will uncover some interesting insights about yourself.

Are You Creating A Day That’s A Masterpiece?

ID-10047056 Ditigal art at freedigitalphohto.comA lot of people are stressed over time. They are running around saying, “I don’t have enough time to do xyz.” They feel like the sand is running out of the hour glass and they are rushing before the sane runs out.

It feels like there is never enough time, but we all have the same amount of time in a day. While you are feeling that there isn’t enough time you are missing something special about life.

Beneath the pile of unfinished tasks you have all the time in the world. There is nothing but time. What you are really upset about is the trip you mind is playing on you.

You think you are upset because a project isn’t done, but really it is the loop your thinking and the pressure you are putting on yourself. People think they need time management, but time can’t be managed. Only people can be managed. It is their behavior or habits that need managing. The problem is having the courage to say ‘no’ to the things that distract you. The secret is to slow down and focus fully on one thing and only that one thing until it is done.

What if you could make each and every day a masterpiece? What would your day look like? Most people don’t create their day like a masterpiece. They either can’t decide what to do or what they want their day to look like. The reason why is because they are reacting to their fears, worries or concerns. They are busy thinking a thought that doesn’t support them such as I’m not good enough, I always run late, I’m not worthy, my boss doesn’t like me. We are trained in childhood to react to others people’s moods, fears and behavior.

First we try to please the other person. Then we react to their response in a negative doubting way. We feel that everyone else is in charge of our life except us. If you had the courage to create a day in the life of your dreams what would you create? If you had that just the way you wanted it. What’s in the way of having it now?

If you were creating your day the way you want. How would you create it? Think of yourself as Van Gogh painting a masterpiece. What do you want to create? Do you want a day that just flows with ease and happiness? Do you want to sleep in or have peace and acceptance? Do you want to get along with everyone and make a lot of money?

Design your day to your personality and your wants. Then be totally committed to producing a great outcome. My son who is a night owl starts his college classes about the time most people are having lunch. He told me he does not like to get up early and he would miss most of his morning classes. He chooses to start later and take evening classes. I thought for a young adult he was pretty smart for knowing what works for him.

When you create a day and a system for yourself you are guaranteeing your success. Then you too will be creating a day that is a masterpiece. The secret is to find a way to express it every day. How will you create your day today?

3 Secrets To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality

ID-100161320 By Witthaya Phonsawat1 What do you really want? People everywhere are searching for something, but the problem is that they have no idea what they really want or how to go about getting it. Does that seem familiar to you? All they know is that they are not happy and want something better.

Did you know that your thoughts are creating your reality, which is creating your future? It is time to reprogram yourself, like a computer. You might need a new updated hard drive. One that has an input of positive, empowering thoughts, words and phrases that you say to yourself. When you change your input, yourself talk, your thoughts and words, your life will change. So, I ask again, “What do you really want?”

You can have everything you want. Notice I said everything instead of anything. If you take the word anything it means any one thing. When you use the word anything you put limits on yourself. It means this or that, but not both.

Everything is open, whole, all of it, without limits. There are no limits with everything. You can have it all. It is about stretching yourself, your dreams and thinking bigger.

By learning these three secrets you can turn your dream into a reality. Here is how to turn your dream into a reality with these three steps.

The first step is to decide what you want. Sometimes by knowing what you do not want makes it easier to find out what you really do want. Make a list of everything that you don’t want. Once you are done write everything that you do not want, get a new piece of paper and flip the negative list into the positive by thinking what do I want. Then, write down everything that you do want.

The second step is to pick one thing off your list and make a decision to do it. By making a decision you are now making a commitment. This is a powerful step and sometimes the hardest. For some people it is very hard to make a decision, but this is a very important part, because without a decision and a commitment nothing will happen in your life. It will remain a wish. The decision is the reason why you are doing what you are doing. The commitment means that you are willing to do what it takes to accomplish your dream.

The third step is to have a Big Why. You’re big why gets you excited. It is the reason why you are doing this. This big why will carry you forward in the days ahead when you wondered, why you chose what you did. It also connects you to your passion.

With these three secrets you will be able to make a decision and go after what you want with commitment and passion. By learning these three secrets you can turn your dream into a reality.

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality

© vectorolieThere are many roads in life and different paths you may take to create your life. These roads are like different movies playing in your life. Is your life playing the way you want it to? Is your life full of joy and happiness or is it full of struggle and sorrow? Did you know your thoughts are creating or blocking you from having the life you want? Once you realize that, you can change your thoughts. Awareness is the first key.


Life Is A Series OF Movies
Think of your life like several movies playing all at once. There is the beautiful movie that inspires you and it is peaceful. When you are done watching the film you are empowered and you feel good about life. Another type of movie is the mediocre, ordinary, tolerable low budget “B” rated film. Then, there’s the comedy, where the charters are getting into and out of one jam after another as you laugh at all the errors they make in their life. Last, but not least there is the movie filled of tragedies. It is full of heavy heartache and every kind of drama or problem imaginable.

What type of movie is your life playing right now? Are you ready to change the film? Which movie do you want to play and experience? Your life, like the movie is chosen by the thoughts that you are thinking and you decide what you want to think.

Life is a series of adventures and it is your reaction to what’s going on around you that makes it easy or hard. One way to look at a challenging time is as a lesson or a learning experience. This lesson is here to stretch you and help you grow.

When you think of the challenging time as a lesson then the path is easier as you know you will get through it. You now have possibility thinking, instead of thinking I can’t do this. Now you are thinking about ways you can get through it or do it. What movie are you playing right now? What movie do you want to play in the future? The choice is yours. Practice focusing on a positive outcome and your movie will change.

Destiny to Thrive

You Can Do It!Thriving, it goes beyond succeeding. It is our destiny to thrive, to have a lot of money, to be healthy, have a fit body, and loving relationships. Thriving is also a spiritual experience. Those who are thriving are the ones who know who they are and why they are here. They just seem to know what their purpose is and take action towards it.


Thriving is tapping into and having a trusting relationship with you Higher Self, Spirit and the Universe. Within each of us is the natural tendency and the capacity to live a whole, fulfilled life, which means to be fully awake and aware.


It is our destiny to thrive in all areas, on all levels of our lives. If one only thrives on the physical level there is a hole in their life. They feel something in missing and they are not happy, but they don’t know why they are unhappy.


When one is not whole with their inner development as a human being or they are incomplete with their development of their mind. They fall to the mercy of circumstances. They haven’t realized yet that they can control their life through their thinking. They are responsible for each of their experience. Every thought they are thinking is creating their future, even if you are aware of it or not.


They keep searching outside themselves for this connection. The connection they seek is within themselves in the spiritual aspect of themselves. When they tap into the essences of who they really are, now they feel whole and complete. They are aware and awake. They have come full circle. They know who they are and what their purpose is. They are happy and are thriving in their life with happiness and joy. What do you need to do today to tap into your inner joy and happiness? Maybe it is being out in nature, going for a walk with a friend or it could be as simple as taking a nap because you are tired. Take a little time for yourself and you too can be happy thriving.