Are You Stuck Somewhere In Your Life?

© jscreationzsMy desire is to inspire you to ‘do what you need to do’, in order to ‘be who you want to be’. If you ever need to stretch yourself, I highly recommend trying something brand new and out of your comfort zone!

You could pick something like running a half marathon. This will help to move you forward and bring up all the beliefs you have hiding about yourself. Some of those beliefs might be, “It’s hard, I don’t like running, I don’t know if I can do this.”

When these beliefs surface realize it’s just a part of you that can never do or be enough that’s getting triggered. When those beliefs get triggered go back to focusing on what matters the most to you. How you do that is by asking yourself a few questions…
What do I want? Be crystal clear about what you want?

Why do I want it? Get really clear about why you want it?

What strategy will I use? Am I clear about the strategy to get my desire?

Am I creating from the future version? As if it is already done. If not, imagine what it will be like having it, being it or doing it.

Do you have the courage to do what needs to be done to create your desire?

Answer those questions and see what comes up for you. When you can answer the questions above you will quickly get back on the right track. Are you stuck? If you can’t answer those questions, ask for help. If you need help, I’m a phone call away. You can schedule a complimentary breakthrough session with me by emailing me at

Faith Opens The Door For Miracles To Happen

What miracle are you looking for?Faith is possibilities taking form.
The universe is on our side. It is constantly working on our behalf. There is an unseen force working for the good of all, but we are just not aware of these unfolding unseen forces. We forget that it is there and we try to do it on our own.
We try to direct, force and control this unseen force, but we only interfere with it. One has to have faith and trust that the unseen force is on our side. Trust in the unseen force that moves the Universe and have faith it knows what it is doing.
When we relax our willingness allows it to work on our behalf. Faith is the force of things hoped for that works through the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the trust we function on. It is an idea of possibilities taking form. It is the power to create.
When one has faith and focuses on a positive outcome. The situation changes, but one must hold the truth top of mind, for example: the custody suit I was in was stuck. I was done fighting and I wanted the whole thing to be finished. I switched my thinking around by focusing on a positive outcome instead of all the fighting and having faith everything would turn out okay.
Believing what is beyond, what is visible ~Michael Beckworth
Faith is to believe in, what you don’t see. One of the most important things to have in life is the deep feeling of faith. One may have faith in the fact that life is here to support you and that the universe works in order and perfection, even if you can’t seem to see it or understand it.
Real faith is believing that no matter whatever is happening right now, it is always for your best and highest good, even if you disagree with it. For in the unseen there is a gift or lesson that you just haven’t understood yet.  Faith opens the door for miracles to happen. Faith is allowing it to unfold.







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The Hero’s Journey Down The Yellow Brick Road

Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream.
Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream.

Have you ever felt like Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz?

You are on a hero’s journey trying to get to the Emerald city, but somewhere you got lost. You got stuck on a loop of negative thinking, worry and doubt. You don’t feel happy anymore. There is no passion for what you do and who knows where the courage went. Have you felt this way?

Dorothy went on a self discovery expedition that was filled with lessons, but on her journey down the Yellow Brick Road she gained courage, confidence and a sense of joy she had never experience before. It wasn’t until she gets home that she realizes that she had the Power Within herself to create anything she sets her mind to. Just like Dorothy you have the courage to dream and create anything you want. What is it that you want to accomplish?

The Yellow Brick Road is a quest to find your authentic self, face your worst enemy-fear, worry doubt and to attain courage to live a happier life. Often we feel small weak and simply not up to the challenge. We don’t know if there is even any strength to pull us through. Our problems seem to engulf us, stop us and even destroy us if we let it.

We are looking outside ourselves and forget the answers are within. You are stronger than you think. There is a strength and courage within you that has always been there. Click your heels together. It is time to dig out your courage and use it. First, just by being still and getting clear on what you really want you pull on this inner strength. Second, once you are clear, then you can re-frame your negative thinking to focus positively with your desires. Once the shift happens you feel the joy, love and happiness in your heart again. You get to the other side wiser and stronger from the experience. Have faith that you can do it.  

Be Unstoppable, Play At A Level 10!

ID-100121893 (2)Have you ever heard play at a level ten, play full out or lean into your problem? It seems that these statements are the new buzz words. Every workshop, boot camp or event I go to the speaker is saying that you need to step into your problem or play at level ten. What does that mean?

One speaker had us say, “Good morning” and rated it at a level six. Then, he has us say, “Good morning” with a little more enthusiasm. We yelled back, “Good morning!” He said, “Great, now you are at a level eight. One more time and give it your all.” We all yelled, “Good Morning!!” He said, “Yea! You reached a level ten.” Great, now we are all excited to sit down to listen to the speaker. It did not make sense to me.

Until one day was I reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. Who said, “Rich people are bigger than their problem. Poor people are smaller than their problem.”  Well that did not really click until Harv explained on a scale of one to ten your character in relation to your problem. Everyone seems to stop, get stuck or get derailed by their problem. If you are like most people you try to avoid or run from the problem, which only makes it worst. Instead work on yourself, your beliefs, and pay attention to your inner talk.

The bottom line is when you keep growing and working on yourself you actually become bigger than your problem. Now you are playing at a level ten. You have ways to deal with and get through your problems. You now focus on solutions.

The key here is to grow so strong and confident enough that you can handle any size problem. Your business and wealth will only grow to the extent that you do. The bigger the business, the more responsibility, employees, customers and money you can handle.  Become a master at overcoming problems and you too will be playing at a level ten.Leave a comment and tell us how you are going to play at a level 10.

By Jolen Philbrook

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Discover 3 Myths That Derail Your Confidence

ID-10067205 (2)Do you want to increase your self confidence in the shortest amount of time possible? Just imagine never having to worry about what people are thinking and receive the confidence you have been asking for.

Most people have spent their entire life training their mind, body and emotions to only recognize the negative things in their life. Then of course, it shows up in their body, attitude and the way they walk.

Here are three myths that people believe are true about themselves that derail their inner confidence.

Myth #1: Believing Your “Inner Thoughts”

Did you know you’re mind is taught to think negative and most of all you’re thought are not true. Do you say, “You’re not good enough, smart enough or rich enough?” The key is not to listen to the monkey mind. Observe your thoughts and ask yourself, “Is this true for me today?”

Myth #2: Letting Fear Stop You

You are the only person who can make your dreams come true. When you come up against fear all that means is that you are growing.

Here is an exercise: think back to a time where you felt completely and 100% confident. See what you saw. Hear what you heard and really feel the feelings of being 100% confident. You now have a choice to push through the fear or let it stop you from your dream.

Myth #3: Feeling Insecure

Did you know the person with the most confidence has the most influence? “What are you communicating about yourself?” Are you standing in your power or are you sending out the vibe you’re insecure?

Tip when meeting someone new: Come from your power. Spend some time building your confidence by standing taller with your chest out. Your mind will follow suit and you will feel more confident.

Are you going to ask yourself the question, “Is this true for me today?” Or maybe you will stand taller with your chest out to build your confidence. The key is to pick one and do it for a day. Let me know which one you picked by leaving a comment.

By Jolen Philbrook

Jolen Philbrook is a speaker and author who assist women entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and floundering in their business.  She helps them figure out what they want, stop all the inner negative mind chatter, so that they can take their business to the next level with clarity and happily thrive.

Her warm and reassuring style helps you feel secure as she guides you to achieve happiness, strength, and success in your life and business. Her weekly Insightful Tips go out to subscribers across the country. You can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at



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