Are You Honoring Yourself?

Thanks for image from http://www.freedigitalphotos.netIt is time to start honoring yourself for who you are instead of putting yourself down. It’s time to let go of your “mental meanie” and old habits that no longer serve you.

Release your fears, doubts and feeling of unworthiness. It’s time to find your true self, your gifts and your passion in life. When you are clear on who you are and let that joy shine through to others, then, you are making a difference in other people’s lives around you.

Just for today, choose to honor yourself and see yourself as a wonderful person who is kind, worthy, loving and good enough. You are an incredible person who touches a lot of lives, even if you don’t know how you touch others. It is like the ripple effect. When you smile at someone in the grocery store, you made them feel special. They in turn smile at someone else at the gas station and the smile travels along to other people. Who knows? Maybe that smile traveled to someone on the other side of the world!

Choose to honor yourself on a deeper level. Start validating yourself. Don’t look for love, worthiness or approval from other people. One must feel the self-love first before it can go out into the world and come back to you. The worthiness you seek comes from within you and then it goes out into the world.
The more self-love and honor you have, the less you will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection and self-rejection comes from the image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to it.

Self-love and honoring one’s self is about being kind to yourself, resting when you are tired, eating when you are hungry, and thinking kind thoughts about yourself. Remember: You are a wonderful person who is kind, worthy, loving and good enough. Just for today, why not honor the person who you are. What can you do to honor yourself today?





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5 Steps To Becoming Lighter Within

       Feeling lighter
Feeling lighter

As we go through life we endure all kinds of hurt, pains and hardships. This creates energetic baggage through the way we think and feel about ourselves and life. This energetic baggage gets stored within our subconscious mind and our bodies cells. These stored thoughts and feelings then create our actions.Do you want to lose some energetic weight to become lighter?  Here is a way to release some of the old emotional baggage that you carry around with you.   

In these 5 steps learn how to let go of your emotional baggage to become lighter within.

First, Lay A New Foundation

The old one just isn’t working anymore, because you have out grown it or it is an old habit that no longer serves you. Creating a new foundation is about clearing the old way of thinking, self talk and how you relate to yourself. The quality of your relationship with others is a reflection of how you think and feel about yourself. Become an energetically lighter person by shifting your thinking and actions.

Action Step:

Decide first what area you want to change. Is it the way to talk to yourself? Do you criticize or put yourself down all the time? Or is it the way you think about yourself? This tears down your self-confidences. Choose one, how you talk to self or think about self.   

Second, Create A New Pattern

You create a new pattern by shifting the way you are talking or thinking about yourself. Understand that your old way of talking and thinking got you to where you are, but today is a new day. You can change it. It is time to create a way to talk back to those old habits.

Action Step:

Observe yourself. What do you say to yourself out loud? Is it supporting you or tearing you down? What are you saying to yourself in your head? Did you know there are only a handful of saying that get repeated all day long. Pay attention to what you continually repeat. Here are a few examples, “I can’t, it’s too hard, I’ll try, there isn’t enough blah, blah, blah, I’m stupid and the list goes on, but you get the idea.

Third, Create New Actions

You may not understand why there were the difficult times in your life, but you can educate yourself and learn new tools to help yourself move away from those hurtful times. One way to move away from the old habit of speaking or thinking a certain way is to reframe it.

Action Step:

Reframe what you think or say to yourself. If you observed that your favorite phase is, “It’s too hard” then just reframe it. Here is an example of a reframe for “It’s too hard.”

Reframe: “It is getting easier and easier every day.” Or “I’m getting better and better every day.” What is your favorite phase and what will your new reframe be?

Forth, Keep Practicing

Keep practicing and being consistent. The key is consistence. Just like a seed you plant in the ground. It grows little by little. If you look at it each and every day you don’t notice the growth, but if you were gone for a week and came back you would notice the growth. The same is true when you are retraining yourself to talk, think and act differently.

Action Step:

After you have observed yourself and found your favorite old habit. Practice daily catching yourself saying or thinking the old phase. Make a game out of it. Count how many times you catch yourself. Use tally marks, because it is easier to count.  Once you catch the old phase remember to reframe it. Then notice in a few days how the number goes down. Be sure to tell yourself, “Wow, I did better today than yesterday!” Pretty soon the old habit will be out of your life for good.

Fifth, Have Fun

The idea is to have fun while you are learning the new way. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get it right in a day. Remember you didn’t create this habit in one day.  It took months or even years in some cases. Give yourself the gift of releasing the judgment or criticism and just be okay with learning something new.

Action Step:

Laugh at yourself. Say, “Gosh, I did it again” instead of beating yourself up. Then remember to reframe it. One learns faster with laughter than with criticism.

Practice these 5 steps to become energetically lighter within. As you let go of the old ways you will find that lost joy and happiness that you buried long ago will resurface. The twinkle will be back into your eyes, a smile on your face and laughter in your heart.

Enjoy and post your comments and questions below.

By Jolen Philbrook


Start Your Day with More Energy

ID-10076373 (2) How do you normally start your day? Do you wake up and check your Face Book to see what everyone is doing or turn on the television for the morning news. Maybe, you check your email first thing in the morning.

Did you know that how you start your day sets the tone for the whole day? If you wake up and rush around the house, because you are late, then your whole day you will find yourself being rushing and feeling late or behind.  On the other hand, if you wake up enjoy a cup of coffee, as you read an uplifting book or meditate your whole day will be more peaceful.  The reason why is because, it is the energetic pattern that you are sending out. It is either frantic or peaceful.

Anxiety and stress depletes your energy. Did you know that your body hangs on to extra weight trying to ground itself from all your anxiety, stress and worry? You end up suffering, because you start running out of energy early afternoon. Then you head for the coffee or sugar, only to pack on a few more pounds to protect yourself.

Its time for a positive change and to come from a place of inner strength and power. Most people don’t like weakness and are not attracted to weak, tired people. Most people are attracted to high energy, powerful people. Here are a few tips: you can connect to your power by standing up straighter and take time for yourself in the morning. Why not try a new way to start your day by meditating, stretching, or doing a gratitude practice. Starting your day this way would ground you, so that you would have a more powerful day that in full of energy. How are you going to start your morning?Please leave a comment to share how you are going to start your day.

By Jolen Philbrook


Jolen Philbrook is a speaker and author who teaches you, how to release hurts in your heart. Her warm and reassuring style helps you feel secure as she guides you to achieve happiness, strength, and success in your life. Her weekly Life Tips go out to subscribers across the country. You can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at


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