When I met Jolen I was stuck in a place of lethargy, lack of motivation, clinging unhappily to old behaviors (connected to the experience of bipolar disorder) that definitely were no longer serving me. Over the last 3 months of working with her in phone and love sessions, I have experienced significant shifts in myself, including successfully stopping my dedications! The combination of energy work to release old hurts and beliefs, and teaching practical techniques to help me shift my thinking has been very powerful, and I believe her unique gift because of her combined experience in behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual practice and healing and life coaching.

Jolen has several tools and technique to call upon, including her acute intuition. She is able to tune into where I am and offer what I need in a particular session. She creates a safe space to do this work, always respectful and clearly enjoying our successes. Working with Jolen has inspired me also because she herself is ‘lighter within,’ giving me living proof that I too can live my life with ease, grace, authenticity, and clarity.

Bettyanne Green

Oakland, CA


“Are you willing to grow? To learn?”  Jolen asked us. It was a provocative way to begin the workshop, particularly for a veteran artist and seeker. I knew I would only benefit from the workshop if I was willing to receive what was offered.

While the activities were familiar, what surprised me occurred during a chakra clearing meditation.  When my ‘red apple’ had a soft spot, she came right over, clapped her hands and swiftly coached me into a firmer, redder color in my first chakra. Jolen is very present and able to go with what is happening with her participants.

The second surprise came early the next morning when I was drawing and reflecting on the workshop. I realized that the soft spot was that of my baby-self, the apple was my head going through the birth canal. And with this realization came a creation story of the baby who was not welcomed to the world that her teen-aged mother feared. Deep grief surfaced momentarily.

I opened a well-read book by Esther and Jerry Hicks and read, “You have to begin telling your story in a new way. You have to tell it as you want it to be.” What I wanted was to feel my joy more consistently. I’ve begun re-writing my personal creation story. In this version, I am welcomed by my joyful grandmother, which I was. And I am choosing to keep the focus there, on what I want, remembering Nana.

I was able to use the information gathered in the workshop to continue my learning and growing at home.

Elyse Jacobs

San Francisco, Ca


I decided to take action on my son’s fund raiser for his school. The teacher wanted something flashy like a car to give away for the event. This made me think bigger for the fund raiser and step out of my comfort zone.  My goal was to get a car donated for my son’s school fund raiser. Deciding to go ahead and hit the car dealer’s in town, I passed the 1st one with apprehension and then the 2nd and 3rd as my own limiting beliefs were rising.

I felt that it would be smart to use the Installing New Beliefs process to remove my own personal obstacles first, before I went to the car dealers. I parked my car at a park and got out to do the process.  I did the process with the words: “I accept my good at any size or dollar amount.” I jumped in my car after doing the work and affirmed what it was I wanted by visualizing a positive end result, feeling grateful for the opportunity of expressing large sums of dollars and a willingness of getting exactly what I had set out to do.

As I was chatting on the phone to my boyfriend as I drove back to the car dealer I heard him say, “You expect someone to just donate a car?” and I responded, “Yes, I do. I am willing to ask and for someone to say yes.” By the time I finished my call, I was at the end of the row of car dealers, so thinking, “This one will do” I looked in the windows and reaffirmed, I am willing as I walked into the car dealership. As I walked out of the dealership, I was wearing a huge smile and I called my boyfriend, “Who’s your momma now?”  I got my yes!

Lorin Rose

Santa Rosa, CA


My initial response to the idea of talking to my subconscious was skeptical to say the least. My conscious mind kept trying to figure out the answers and nothing being said to me made any sense but when I let go and silenced my conscious mind. I found our sessions to quite soothing. We worked on prosperity. I posted affirmations in my house that Jolen gave me and I started to notice a difference. Then the unexpected check came in the mail. I found lost money in a different account. I found rolls of money in my old motor home which I inherited from my dad. This totaled over $3,000 dollars. You can imagine my delight.


Nevada City


I have three sessions with Jolen so far and each session builds on the other. I experienced really good results. I was able to let of emotions that felt very heavy in my heart and mind. These emotions were of failure, regrets and for a personal relationship that has ended. In addition, I began to feel more positive emotions and thoughts to bring me back to the person I used to be which was  motivated, positive, sweet, nurturing and compassionate for others. It’s amazing when I let go of the hurt, regrets, anger, and failures I began to have more room in my heart and mind for the good inside of me that had been damaged. Thanks you so much Jolen. You have really helped me make changes emotionally and spiritually.

Thanks, Tammy Santiago


Jolen was enlightening with all her useful tools and knowledge regarding “Change Your Mindset”. I had a numerous break thoughts with her. The information was relevant and additional assignments that I participated in were fun. I took home material that I was able to place though out my home to remind me of all the great tools I learned. I am looking forward to seeing additional workshops given by Jolen Punches.

Julia Flaherty

Grass Valley, CA


Jolen brings a lot of sincerity and enthusiasm to her workshops. She also brought us a lot of information. I was able to learn many techniques that can help me to stop and think in order to make better, healthier decisions. I especially liked the last project of making a wish board.

Tammy Becker


I learned a number of new techniques and yet I was pleased to be reinforced regarding knowledge that I have attained over the years that I went to a therapist for some time to deal with food issues and learned to start being conscious when I ate. Jolen taught a lot about emotional eating and techniques for managing those emotions. I really liked that.

Ms. Loper


I enjoyed learning the reasons why I choose to eat and/or overeat. I learned how the mind thinks and how to make positive choices in my life. These choices will change into positive outcomes which will appear in my life. I know after practicing the techniques more often my goal of becoming a healthy person will be achieved.

Vivian Mc Knight


It has helped tremendously to know that I care about myself enough now to ask for help. I felt a shift in my perception after our meeting, and I feel that you are the person that can indeed help me with this wonderful new path I am about to take. Our paths crossed for a reason. I deeply believe in synchronicity.


Thank you so much.  I’m happy to report that the Angels were right and I have a new cottage. I’m moving into on the 1st.  The people upstairs from me came down and confessed what they were doing and have ceased the torture, so I’m starting to feel I won’t take this Karma with me.  It was great working you and I feel I’ve really gained from our work together so thanks again.

Love and Light,



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